Critic Reviews of Prodigals 2011

In the back of my head, snuggled gently between my unrelenting, writerly anxiety and my dormant ninja control centre, I’ve had a seed of doubt that the glowing reactions Prodigals prompted last year during its workshop production would be impossible to duplicate.

I mean, the show has already been up, right? Lots of people have seen it before. The story, in its essence, hasn’t changed that much (although I made some pretty significant rewrites all over the place). Would people react to it the same way? Would we be able to recapture the same elusive audience for a story that’s geared towards twenty-somethings?

We’ll know the answers soon enough as our run at SFU Woodward’s continues through until May 14th. If the crowds from the last four days are indicative of anything, it’s that this story and its characters still provoke the same laughter and post-show debates that we loved experiencing at the Havana.

Of course, the critics have chimed in too. Here’s a selection of the reviews that came out after our recent Opening Night performance:

“Sean Minogue’s script is ripe with wit and with the heartache of missed opportunities… Prodigals is a notable accomplishment for this team of young artists.”

– Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

“Prodigals is an impressive and polished first play by Minogue.”

– Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier

“Sean Minogue looks like a natural. I look forward to seeing what he comes up with for his second attempt.”

– John Jane,

“Once again it was in the relationship between Jen (Tara Pratt) and Wes (Timothy Johnston) that I found myself so drawn… The tension and attraction between the two when they are on stage together is simply electrifying.”

– Mark Robins,

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