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Watching 'Prodigals' may results in yuk-yuk-yuksI’m both happy and relieved to hear all of the great responses people are having to the official premiere of Prodigals. Also, I’m excited to announce it’s been named one of the Top 10 Vancouver theatre productions in 2010.

Check out some snippets from the critical reviews:

Minogue … is too savvy to simply dismiss his roots. There’s an ache that runs through this play, and it’s about the difficulty of negotiating the terrain between adventure and compromise.

– Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

“Opening night gave the actors a deserved warm and appreciative applause during curtain call. The female actors (Tara Pratt and Abby Renee Creek) were the best, in my opinion. They exuded their characters, owning lines as if they were those characters..”

– Ed Farolan,

“It was in the relationship between Jen and Wes where I found myself so immersed. Led by a near perfect performance by Pratt… I found myself wanting to yell out my own words of advice to her … Easily capturing the conflict in Jen, Pratt gives a wonderfully nuanced performance…”

– Mark Robbins,

“Peter Boychuk’s direction was fantastic, in my opinion. The actors’ performances were seamless. All actors are so incredibly believable, so totally human, so flawed and imperfect yet so caring and loving. I was so incredibly taken by the play that in one of the climaxing scenes, I actually shouted “oh sh!t” (I can’t tell you the context, because I would give the play’s plot and climax away). That, to me, was the perfect demonstration that I was completely immersed in the play.”

– Raul,

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